Why do you have the right to be happy?


Having worked many different style jobs, and gathered at least a fair share of life experiences, I have come to one simple understanding.  Anyone who tells you that you deserve to be happy, or have a right to happiness, is a liar.

Expectations of happiness and entitlement.

That does not mean abandon all hope.  Everyone should have a general expectation of cordiality in a civilized society; from my experience however, once the average person feels that they have been, in some way infringed upon, either by chance, happenstance, or even their own doing; their sensitive ego’s become so cornered in their entitlement of happiness, or satisfaction that they thrash out, immediately causing a domino of negative karmatic influence for every other person they encounter.


Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness.  But those small doses of happiness: that piece of cake, cigarette, or fuck.  Why do you think you deserve it?  Under what pretention do you feel you warrant another treat?  Our lives are addiction, and addiction will never get what it wants.

So what causes the problems; the mean, nasty people that spread like a dark cancer over our lives and impede upon our happiness?  They’re people like you, and me, they just believe it more.  They believe everything they want is more important, and they are willing to sacrifice you for it.  So, congratulations, they’ve sacrificed you for what they feel they needed.  Sadly, in general; your sacrifice was in vain, because it didn’t get them what they actually wanted.  Someone else to think they are as important as they do.

So how do we fix it?  It’s actually very simple.  Accept, unconditionally that maybe, in the end, you don’t deserve to be happy.  It’s Ok, and it’s perfectly fine to not be Ok.

Everyone else has his or her own problems to go through throughout the course of the day and just because you have to live with yourself through all of it, there’s no reason that the person you encounter for a moment of it should have to put up with it.  Short of that, don’t treat anyone like anything; stop exercising your almighty introverted id upon every human you encounter.  Just because you have to hear your own addictions for comfort, nagging at the back of your mind like a child denied candy, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to experience it as well. What have you done today that makes you so deserving?  We are not entitled to anything, and your success need not be at the sacrifice of those around you.


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