Reston, VA – Washington, DC and a shameless plug

Still on the road.


Had a short stop home for the holiday (4th of July), then a quick overnight in Reston, VA. Hotel life lives up to its name but misanthropy enhances the benefits of living in a sterile environment, surrounded by dirty bean water coffee and CNN playing in loop on an LG flatscreen. (no.. seriously, did LG give every hotel chain in America a deal on televisions?)

Stayed in a Candlewood Suites last night- much better than I expected. Range top stove, giant sink (outside of the bathroom!), and a shower head that must have been angry at my genitals given the amount of pressure coming from the faucet. A genuine rare occurrence in travel.

I need to update this more often, and will endeavor to do so going forward (as well as formulating a podcast), until then I will update with bite-sized chunks of diary-like snippets and photos that dont make the cut on my instagram (@artistapart), and my ever growing mullet collection. (got another one!)

Happy July!



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