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Taking off from JFK (Flight was delayed 3 hours!!)

2015-02-03 17.01.53-2

Thanks Norwegian Air!
2015-02-04 00.53.44

Oslo, Norway
2015-02-04 14.57.38

2015-02-04 14.57.40-1

2015-02-04 14.57.40

2015-02-04 14.57.41

Landing in Amsterdam- Centraal Station and the view your met with upon arrival!

2015-02-04 20.22.37-12015-02-04 20.22.37-2

2015-02-04 21.38.36

I2015-02-04 21.39.34 2015-02-04 21.48.00

ntercontinental, Amstel Amsterdam-  AMAZING staff, hotel and experience!

2015-02-04 17.36.38    2015-02-04 22.00.15 2015-02-04 22.11.41 2015-02-04 22.11.47 2015-02-04 22.12.03 2015-02-04 22.12.08

Saved by Google Translate

2015-02-05 07.15.48 2015-02-05 07.18.25 2015-02-05 12.01.01-1 2015-02-05 12.01.01-2

Local Cuisine

2015-02-05 15.09.06 2015-02-05 15.39.33

Rembrandt House

2015-02-05 16.34.05

Walking the City

2015-02-06 13.24.39

Anne Frank house and the Delftwork Museum

2015-02-06 13.28.15 2015-02-06 13.39.14 2015-02-06 13.40.19

Central Square, Royal Palace, and around town

2015-02-06 14.00.28 2015-02-06 14.13.34 2015-02-06 14.13.38 2015-02-06 14.15.35 2015-02-06 14.24.50 2015-02-06 14.24.51 2015-02-06 15.39.58   2015-02-07 13.25.05 2015-02-07 13.53.04 2015-02-07 13.53.25 2015-02-07 17.02.35 2015-02-07 17.03.14  2015-02-07 19.02.24-1 2015-02-08 14.15.17-1 2015-02-08 14.40.41 2015-02-08 14.40.46 2015-02-08 17.34.41 2015-02-08 17.34.55-1 2015-02-08 18.11.07

Local Wildlife

2015-02-09 09.56.09-2 2015-02-09 12.41.23 2015-02-09 12.43.10

Spent some time watching a Piano precariously moved into the second story window

2015-02-09 13.03.36 2015-02-09 13.05.21

Centraal Station looks like something out of a movie

2015-02-10 10.20.10-1 2015-02-10 10.20.10-2

Welcome to Iceland

2015-02-10 16.24.28 2015-02-10 16.24.36 2015-02-10 16.32.32

Sunset of Maine on the way home

2015-02-10 21.57.36


Presidential Suite

Twas a cold and stormy… afternoon.

Not like ‘wake Frankenstein’ kinda stormy, more like ‘Donner Party’ kinda stormy.  Less-than-tropical winter storm Electra to be specific.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 5.51.19 PMRewind- through a varied set of conditions I ended up several weeks behind in work.  My job is very travel heavy, and quarterly based.  November to December my performance was travel bulimic and quarterly failing.  Because of that, when I could get back on the road- I needed to plan a long trip.  Last Sunday I attempted a trip to Rochester, planning on pinpointing all my locations along the New York Throughway corridor, east on the Mass turnpike then home by Christmas.  Luckily [sarcasm] a rough winter whiteout postponed me  until Monday.  Luckily [not sarcasm] escaping Delaware on the following day put me just ahead of (above?) the storm.  The majority of the week, save a light sprinkling on my way into Albany on thursday, was snow-free.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 5.50.21 PM

Then Saturday.  I left Albany early Saturday morning, heading east to Lanesborough, MA; and was met with light snowfall almost immediately upon entering Massachusetts.  I finished my work relatively quickly, intending to stay at that office until 4 or 5pm, to complete my final hike to Marlborough, MA arriving between 6 and 7.  By 1pm I decided working 16 days in a row gave me executive privilege to start my drive.  Whenever I’m in Marlborough, I make a point to stop by this amazing Brazilian restaurant – Pruller.  I can’t possibly recommend this place enough, and crave it whenever I’m away.

Anyway- no winter storm was keeping me from getting a takeout from Pruller.  The roads got scary a bit, but made it safely.  So, 5 lbs of assorted Brazilian meats in hand I checked in.  I only stay at the nearby Holiday Inn because of Pruller.  Not to say that isn’t a great hotel, they are actually very modern and clean, but with my business discount I don’t accrue points for staying there (other than the platinum bonus 500 I get, rather than the customary welcome bag).

Planning on being here several days this time (and with the possibility of getting snowed in), I asked to be placed in a room with a refrigerator (typically this results in the hotel sending up a small dorm fridge for the room, which is more than adequate.)  This time I was greeted with “We’ll just put you in a suite”.  I’ve heard suite before, sometimes its a slightly bigger room, sometimes its just that it has a fridge built in.  This time the room is literally 2-3x the size of my first apartment.  A bedroom I could fit my car in three-fold, a separate living room with couch and recliner,  a full kitchen, and a bathroom suitable for any prosticide in New England!

Is this an editorial that boils down to “This was a long trip, I was Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 5.50.49 PMworried about driving and it all worked out”?  Yeah.. pretty much, but I’m sitting on a couch, watching Naked Gun, while a hot cup of better-than-hotel-coffee brews up in the Keurig and my stomach is full of random Brazilian prepared animal protein, and if I have to get snowed in to any hotel situation, I appreciate it being this one.

Almost makes me want to go on a run by the lake tomorrow morning.. too bad I didn’t pack appropriately for that 🙂

Reston, VA – Washington, DC and a shameless plug

Still on the road.


Had a short stop home for the holiday (4th of July), then a quick overnight in Reston, VA. Hotel life lives up to its name but misanthropy enhances the benefits of living in a sterile environment, surrounded by dirty bean water coffee and CNN playing in loop on an LG flatscreen. (no.. seriously, did LG give every hotel chain in America a deal on televisions?)

Stayed in a Candlewood Suites last night- much better than I expected. Range top stove, giant sink (outside of the bathroom!), and a shower head that must have been angry at my genitals given the amount of pressure coming from the faucet. A genuine rare occurrence in travel.

I need to update this more often, and will endeavor to do so going forward (as well as formulating a podcast), until then I will update with bite-sized chunks of diary-like snippets and photos that dont make the cut on my instagram (@artistapart), and my ever growing mullet collection. (got another one!)

Happy July!