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Wonder Woman

It snowed horribly today- so bad I had to postpone my 7 hour trip to Rochester. But, in that- I decided to walk over to my local steakhouse/bar and have dinner alone.  Its a favorite pastime – the ribs and steaks are good, and I enjoy tipping high, if only for the reactions I imagine rather than what probably happens in real life.

During my meal, I stumbled upon a Tweet from PostSecret, that was seeking to start a petition to get Wonder Woman her own film; as she’d only be a small part in Batman Vs Superman.  In response to the tweet, I saw a tweet (from a woman) that read as follows [with original Post Secret tweet- identities not masked to protect the innocent.]:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.41.26 PM

Now- precursor, I’m not saying my response was

  • the right thing to do
  • funny
  • nice
  • necessary

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.41.48 PM

BUT- here’s the cause- and its anything but internet “trolling”.

Mysogonist?  Maybe at face value.  But here’s the deal: if they put Wonder Woman in a full body suit, or trench coach (or jeans and a T-Shirt) it wouldn’t be Wonder Woman.  Here’s the risk- piss off Feminists (notoriously haters of “fun” and not known for their spending), or piss off their entire client base they’ve been playing to for the last 72 years.  Even with that said- Wonder Woman, in all her one-piece bathing-suit glory, has never been demonstrated as a sexual object.  This isn’t a causality of sexuality in Comics either- Razor, Witchblade, Gen 13, the God Damn Bondage Fairies!– sexualizing female characters has NEVER been taboo- it was just never a condition of Wonder Woman.

Beyond that- Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Princess… nary a’ once have I see Princess Diana “tee hee” her way onto the panel.

Lastly- Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Princess.  They weren’t known for their modest clothing-wiki it.. this is the representations of Amazonian Princesses:

400px-0_Amazzone_ferita_-_Musei_Capitolini_(1) 419px-Amazon_preparing_for_the_battle_(Queen_Antiope_or_Armed_Venus)_-_Pierre-Eugene-Emile_Hebert_1860_-_NG_of_Arts_Wash_DC_rotated_and_cropped

Not exactly NBC/ABC/Fox friendly…

Wonder Woman isn’t the hill to die on.  Beyond that- its silly to think Batman VS Superman isn’t positioned to build up the Justice League- we don’t need an enclave of women fighting for the opportunity, its coming (and it won’t make as much as Dark Knight Rises…), just because we feel slighted, doesn’t mean we need to make everything about gay, lesbian, female, etc rights opportunities. Just like everything else- if you don’t like its representation: Vote.  Get involved, or don’t consume.

Oh.. and as an after thought- Wonder Woman has a magical sword.  Even Superman is weak to it.


Also- @EdenVBailey was a good sport about it, favorited my tweet, and I appreciate it 🙂  Not everyone is out for blood, and not everyone needs to be the victim.  Follow her, she rules.

Man of Steel


Just so I understand, and maybe I’m theorizing more than necessary- the Codex on Krypton is an ancestral skull of early Kryptonians that they pull original DNA from so they can genetically reproduce kryptonians.  Jor-El takes this and reforms it into the key that he sends back to Earth with Kal-El?  Is that what were saying?


I honestly want clarity on that.. I’m fine with it, I just want to make sure I didn’t make that up in my head.

Secondly- doesn’t it take like 30 minutes to even get off Krypton?  20 for Zod and his crew to get round up into the Space dildos AT LEAST!


Don’t get me wrong, I loved the film, and I don’t think it could have been made better… but you have what?  70-80 years worth of source material to pull from, and yet we still feel the need to “reimagine” canon?  Or.. better than that- the origin might not need to be told again to begin with…


I assume the teacher just let the burning doorknob thing go, because she was open with letting a class mock a child having an emotional breakdown in the janitors closet?

“My son was there, he was in the bus, he saw what Clark did!”

[Well..he was there, but Fatty McGinger was actually under water… Clark had to go bobbing-for-fatties]

(I resolve to post more…)