2014 Benediction

Happy New Year

“What do I do now?”

The passing of a year does not have the impact it once did.  But all the everything from your last year is over and only able to remind us that it won’t be forever.  The here that you knew will never be where you go back to, and certainly isn’t where you left it.

So, what do you do now?  The same you did then.  Do the best and the worst and the every bit human of what you did yesterday.  If you can change it, you would into the best you could have gotten.  If you could not have changed any of it, then rest in the placidity that you never really had a choice.  Don’t regret any of it: analyze it, live it, use it and lift it from your shoulders.  Carry all of it, not as a burden, but as triumph over another year you’ve brought with you, kicking and screaming as it was born to this moment.

What you do now is what you always did, and do it knowing that trying to stop time is trying to stop an avalanche.  Do.  Now, and relax in the knowing that none of it will be forever.


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